The price of an initial LEI registration is currently 117 USD + applicable VAT, and the annual maintenance fee from year two is 97 USD + applicable VAT. These prices are inclusive of the LEI license fee which is passed onto the Global LEI Foundation (GLEIF). There are alternative payment amounts calculated in EUR, SEK, DKK and NOK, which can be used if preferable to the order confirmation recipient.

LEI Registration, 12 months LEI Renewal, 12 months
USD:117,00 USD:97,00
SEK:1 026,09 SEK:850,69
EUR:105,30 EUR:87,30
DKK:771,03 DKK:639,23
NOK:1 003,86 NOK:832,26

The alternative payment amounts are valid upon immediate payment, by which is meant no longer than 30 days, but subject to earlier change at NordLEI's discretion in case of large FX exchange rate fluctuations against the USD.

The alternative amounts are subject to change and was last updated 2018-02-19