LEI Registration

How to register an LEI application on the NordLEI web portal

In order to complete a valid LEI application for your legal entity, simply follow the below steps:

  1. Register an Account: By clicking menu 'REGISTER USER ACCOUNT' in the main menu of the NordLEI web portal (nordlei.org), you will be redirected to an account registration form whereby you are requested to:

    1. Enter a valid e-mail address to be used for any future login to the NordLEI portal
    2. A password fulfilling the following requirements: 8-20 letters long and a mixture of lower case, upper case and numbers
    3. Clicking the 'terms and conditions' checkbox

    Once the above is completed, click the 'Register' button. Within a few moments, you will receive a verification e-mail in which a link is attached. By clicking the attached link, you will confirm your email address and be logged in on the NordLEI portal.

    Note - If you have not received the verification e-mail within one minute after registering your account details, check your spam filter for (NORDLEI.NO-REPLY@nordlei.org), or otherwise contact support@nordlei.org for assistance.

  2. Enter details for your legal entity: Once logged in go to the registration form shown in menu 'REGISTER LEI APPLICATION'/'APPLY FOR LEI', you can start applying for LEI for one or more legal entities.

    When all required company/legal entity details are entered, press the 'Register' button.

    Please note that for any future registrations of additional LEI applications, you do not need to register new accounts. Instead, simply log in to the web portal (nordlei.org) using the credentials chosen once you registered for your account (blue log in button found in the upper right corner of the NordLEI web portal).

  3. Await validation and LEI generating: For any LEI applications undertaken, the status of each of your registered applications is shown under menu 'YOUR LEI REGISTRATIONS' section of the portal (note that these menu items are available only once you've to logged in to the NordLEI web portal).

    Most commonly the turnaround time for LEI issuance is 2-4 banking days. Once your LEI is generated and published, you will receive a notification e-mail.

Please note that the process for LEI issuance is initiated once NordLEI has received full payment as stated in the order confirmation sent by e-mail. In order not to delay the process, a prompt payment is hence required.