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User Guidelines to LEI Registration:

Welcome to NordLEI

NordLEI is a service provider for the Nordics and Baltic region, facilitating the process of obtaining LEIs for regulatory reporting.

NordLEI operates by facilitating LEI issuance to clients in cooperation with the endorsed pre-LOU GMEI utility, (Global Markets Entity Identifier utility, previously known as the CICI Utility). Through the service collaboration, NordLEI allows its clients to obtain valid LEI registration via its web portal, thereby ensuring prompt LEI issuance from the world’s largest pre-LOU. By having the direct relationship with NordLEI, clients are given not only prompt LEI issuance, but also the additional values of

  • Payments in local currency as outlined in the NordLEI Terms and Conditions at each time of LEI registration and annual maintenance
  • Access to NordLEI expertise in regulatory issues related to derivatives transaction reporting
  • Local customer support and local language support documents
  • Bespoke bulk processing and invoice handling available

The price list for initial registration (including one year's maintenance of data) is $220 + applicable VAT and will be uniform for entities incorporated in all jurisdictions. The current price for 12-months maintenance is $120 + applicable VAT. Read more about the pricing on the pricing page.

NordLEI, through the GMEI utility follows the standards set forth in ISO 17442, as well as the governing framework of the Regulatory Oversight Committee (ROC) of the interim Global Legal Entity Identifier System (GLEIS).

In order to keep an issued LEI active, holders of LEIs are obliged to undertake an annual verification of registered company details. This is easily accomplished by logged in users of the NordLEI web portal, and constitutes a mandatory step that precedes the subsequent validation of registered data to public sources performed by the issuer of the LEI (NordLEI / the GMEI Utility). In cases where the registrant wishes not to maintain its registered LEI and thereby avoid any charges, the registrant still needs to register such wish explicitly through the NordLEI web portal. In order for registered account holders not to forget the annual maintenance, registrants receive an e-mail containing a link that redirects to the LEI-maintenance forms of the NordLEI web portal 6 weeks prior to the annual maintenance.

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