NordLEI Awarded Best-Performing LEI Issuer by GLEIF

Stockholm, Sweden – November 15, 2023 – NordLEI, a premier issuer of Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) codes in Northern Europe, is proud to announce that it has been awarded by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) as the Best-Performing LEI Issuer in the Mid-Cap Category.

Since 2014, NordLEI has set the benchmark for rapid, secure LEI code issuance, serving over 160,000 customers. This honor from GLEIF recognizes NordLEI’s steadfast commitment to upholding superior data quality and exemplary service levels.

Rickard Israelsson, Co-Founder of NordLEI, expressed his gratitude and pride in receiving this award, stating, “NordLEI is immensely proud to be recognised as an award-winning LOU. This achievement reflects the collective effort and dedication of the entire NordLEI team. We have always strived to offer the best service and the most reliable data to our clients, and this award validates our effort. It not only honours our past accomplishments but also inspires our continued dedication to excellence in the global financial ecosystem.”

About Legal Entity Identifiers

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) codes are unique 20-character alphanumeric strings used to identify legal entities participating in financial transactions globally. Developed in response to the 2008 financial crisis to enhance transparency in financial data systems, LEI codes are now required for most companies engaged in securities trading.

About NordLEI

NordLEI, established in 2014, is a leading issuer of Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) codes in Northern Europe, notably recognized as the first GLEIF accredited Local Operating Unit (LOU) in Scandinavia. Headquartered in Stockholm, NordLEI is renowned for its commitment to security and quality, backed by ISO 27001 certification. The company has assisted over 160,000 customers, offering LEI codes with various validity options and complying strictly with GDPR standards.

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