Refund Policy

Review date: 30 September 2022

The definitions stipulated in the Terms and Conditions applies.

The User’s application is binding when received by NordLEI.

NordLEI will await User’s payment before processing the application.

The User is entitled to a refund (on its own behalf or registered Payer) only if the User withdraw its application prior to NordLEI have started processing the application, regardless of product type (single or multi-year LEI, issuance or renewal).

If the User transfers their LEI(s) to another LOU and NordLEI has collected a payment for the upcoming renewal no refund is paid.

If the User has paid by card and less than 5 calendar days have passed, the refund will be made via Nets. If more than 5 calendar days have passed or if the payment was done via bank transfer, a refund via Nets is not possible. NordLEI will then request the refund details from the User. NordLEI undertake to refund an entitled User within 14 days from receipt of the application withdrawal and, if applicable, complete refund details. The payment receipt will get credited when the payback has been made.

This Refund Policy is governed by the laws of Sweden.